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A public key infrastructure enables devices to obtain and renew X509 certificates which are used to establish trust between devices and encrypt communications using TLS. Open source implementations. OpenSSL is the simplest form of CA and tool for PKI.

It is a full PKI implementation, is completely Open Source, and is built on top of Network Security Services (NSS) the Only Opensource Cryptography library that has been approved for use with the US Government, as it meets both Common Criteria and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-1.

Flexibility and freedom with Open Source PKI PrimeKey use Open Standards for our PKI and signing software, providing you with crypto agility. What this means is that you don’t bind yourself to a certain standard or way of handling your security. There is no lock-in and you have the freedom to adapt and evolve as needed.

IDX-PKI v.1.0 IDX-PKI is an Open Source implementation of a Public Key Infrastructure which aims to be IETF compliant for PKIX recommendations. IDX-PKI is already used by companies and public agencies. PKI v.1.0 Most of the projects needs data to be securely transfered across the network. The Open-source PKI Book by Symeon Xenitellis - Download link The Open-source PKI Book by Symeon Xenitellis. Publisher: OpenCA Team 2000 Number of pages: 98. Description: This document tries to serve as a source of information on Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and focuses on both of the theoretic and practical description of PKIs. Open Smart Card Development Platform (OpenSCDP) The Open Smart Card Development Platform (OpenSCDP) is a collection of tools for the development, test and deployment of smart card and public key infrastructure applications. It uses the capabilities of Global Platform Scripting, Profile and Messaging technology to provide unsurpassed flexibility and development speed. SmartCard-HSM Open Source