Oct 03, 2017 · Usually, if you change the DNS settings on your router, then e very device connected to your router be it your computer, smartphone or ps4 etc w ill automatically use that DNS server. However, in case of Chromecast, since it has a Google DNS hardcoded DNS in it from the manufacturer, i t’ll override any DNS you programme into your router.

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The DNS options are located inside the WAN settings panel. Click on WAN Settings located under Broadband Settings. Step 4: Scroll to DNS Type Section. On the WAN Settings page you need to scroll to the Set The DNS Type. Select Static DNS in order to type in your DNS entries. The CleanBrowsing Family IP's are:; Change DNS Settings on Orbi - NETGEAR Communities As a workaround, I can connect by changing the DNS servers on my laptop to Google's DNS servers. I am however unable to change the DNS settings via the administration page, I'm unable to select the radio button "Use these DNS Servers". I can change the settings for Dynamic vs Static IP and MAC address but not for DNS servers. How to Change Router DNS Server - Techbout

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If you are experiencing network connectivity issues and slow browsing speed, you may want to change Router DNS Server to Google DNS, Open DNS or Cloudflare and see if this helps. Change Router DNS Server. In order to Change Router DNS Server, you need to know the IP Address, User Name and the Password to login to your Router settings. How to Set DNS on Asus Router | Block Google DNS on Asus We also recommend you to block Google DNS addresses ( and making some changes via your router settings. You can find the exact steps in the following section of our manual: How to block Google DNS on Asus Router. How to set DNS on Asus Router. 1. First things first, you should sign in to your Asus Router Admin Panel. How to change DNS, add CleanBrowsing, on an Amazon Kindle It is advised to take the time to flush your DNS resolver cache on your local machine and browser caches to ensure that your new DNS configuration settings take affect. It can take 10 - 15 minutes for the change to take affect, be patient. The additional time is the time required for your computer DHCP Lease to get the new DNS. 3 Simple Steps to Change to CloudFlare DNS to