Google Voices: Google Voice to Gizmo with X-Lite

Jan 26, 2010 Error 408 X-Lite - Foros del Web Mar 14, 2011 X-Lite is Now Bria Solo Free | CounterPath

Jan 13, 2010

408 Troubleshooting – CounterPath Support 3. The server is processing the registration, but the response back to Bria is being routed incorrectly. For cases 1 or 2, I recommend you contact your VOIP service provider and confirm your SIP account information, and that their server is receiving and processing it. Registration error 408 in X-lite - General Help - FreePBX After I rebooted (again), I tried removing the port 5060 reference and it still worked. Maybe two reboots were required.

408 Request Timeout (What It Is & How to Fix It)

Why Am I Getting a 408 Error On My Softphone? | AVOXI Support Some users may encounter a 408 error when trying to register their softphone. Get troubleshooting tips for resolving a 408 error on your softphone. error 403 o 408 - YouTube