I'm setting up a Tor relay hosted from home, I wanted to avoid setting up an exit relay because it could cause too many captchas and "unusual traffic from your computer network" for my own internet usage. So I'm going for a middle relay.

Hi there, I have a customer who is getting logs on its Internet Edge firewall regarding NTP requests made from his Meraki switches. The weird thing is that some NTP requests are to the following domains/IPs between others (cloudfare i.e) exit-relay.tor.world ( support.russianbrid Is Tor Really Anonymous and Secure? - How-To Geek Jul 12, 2017 Operating a Tor Relay - GitHub Pages Prelude. After watching society crumble in the comfort of quarantine, I was bored. Therefore, I chose to operate a Tor relay.Initially, I wanted to operate an exit node because it looked more exciting, I would be part of the barrier between the Tor network and the clearnet but the prospect of having my door kicked in by law enforcement or dealing with thousands of legal notices dissuaded me.

Sep 01, 2019

Tor Project | Exit Before turning your non-exit relay into an exit relay, ensure that you have set a reverse DNS record (PTR) to make it more obvious that this is a tor exit relay. Something like "tor-exit" it its name is a good start. If your provider offers it, make sure your WHOIS record contains clear indications that this is a Tor exit relay. Exit Notice

Updated 01/02/2018: Sample Tor exit notice URL has changed. I have noticed that a lot of new exit nodes have recently appeared on the network. This is great news, since exit nodes are typically on the scarce side. Exits usually occupy 30-33% of network by capacity, but are currently at a whopping 38.5% (156 MBytes/sec out of 404 total).

Since an exit relay is responsible for relaying source traffic out to the internet, if that traffic uses an unencrypted protocol (e.g. http), it can see the contents of that traffic.. For that reason, you shouldn't send sensitive data over Tor unencrypted when possible. Tor-Pi Exit Relay (without Getting Raided) : 4 Steps Setup Your Pi. First we'll setup the Raspberry Pi, to do this you'll need to have Raspbian installed. …